The creative and imaginative story of Kathryn (see next page for less fun story) ~

In a time not so long ago, but definitely before now, in a place not far away, but probably not where you are at this moment, there lived a girl with a peculiar and vexing problem.

She could not see what others see.

At school, the other children played with balls and jump ropes. But she played with garden faeries. "Ewww! Those are bugs!" screamed her playmates. And they ran away.

At home, a graceful ballerina danced on her breakfast table. "Stop playing with that pear and eat your porridge," said her grandmother. And the old woman shook her head.

One day, the girl went for a walk with her parents. "Look! A beautiful angel!" "That's a dead bird," said her mother. "We must get her to a doctor," said her father. And they both sighed.

"Her eye site is fine," said the doctor. Then he reached into his medical bag and pulled out a small camera. "Whenever you see a faerie, a ballerina, or an angel, take a picture of it. So we can all see it." He winked at her parents and handed her the camera.

And that's just what she did. At school, her playmates gathered around. "Look! Faeries!" they said, holding photos of bugs.

"What a lovely ballerina!" said her grandmother, clutching a photo of a pear.

"This angel looks perfect here," said her parents, as they hung a photo of a dead bird in their living room.

The girl grew up and spent the rest of her life capturing what she saw, so others could see it too. She earned a degree in it. She won awards for it. And she made many art directors and creative directors very, very happy.

Because you see, she wasn't sick at all. She simply needed to work in advertising.

My good friend Joe Hash wrote this story for and about me around the time I was producing personal work featuring fruit and insects and birds. (He thinks I should ditch the story now, but I can't bear to part with it!) That work may not be the focus of this set of portfolios, but hopefully my unique vision will be evident in the work you do see here.

If you would like to see the birds and the bugs, and other personal art work please go to